Product Features
 StitchBuddy MacStitchBuddy HDStitchBuddy View
HardwareApple computer with Intel processoriPadiPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
SoftwareOS X 10.9 or higheriOS 9.0 or higheriOS 9.0 or higher
Import / Export / Printing
File Formats (read)JEF, JEF+, JPX, SEW, PES, PEC, EXP, DST, VP3, KSM, PCS, PCQ, PCD
File Formats (write)JEF, PES v1.0 (130 x 180 mm), PEC, EXP, DST, PCS-
Import fromFrom / to all locations accessible in the Finder, e.g. USB sticks, compact flash cards"Open in…" from other iOS apps; iTunes File Sharing; iCloud Drive
Export toMail attachments (designs, PDFs); iTunes File Sharing; iCloud Drive; "Open in…" in other iOS apps
Print color sheet / real-size template✓ / ✓✓ / - (via AirPrint)✓ / - (via AirPrint)
PDF Export✓ (via printing)
OthersExport design graphics / description via clipboard or drag'n'drop to other applications  
Color Management
Change thread colors / thread charts✓ / ✓✓ / ✓- / -
Highlight selected threads
Thread chartsAckermann Isacord, Brother, Brother Country, Coats Rayon, Coats Trilobal, Floriani Polyester, Fufu Rayon, Janome, Madeira PolyNeon, Madeira Rayon, Marathon Rayon, Poly-X40 Polyester, Robison-Anton Poly, Sulky Rayon, WonderFil Splendor
Thread chart auto conversion--
Thread reordering-
Thread splitting / combining✓ / ✓- / ✓- / -
Select Stitches
Selection modes: block, rectangle, single stitch✓ / ✓ / ✓✓ / ✓ / ✓- / - / -
Adjust selection: all, none, invert✓ / ✓ / ✓✓ / ✓ / ✓- / - / -
Add / remove stitches from selection✓ / ✓✓ / -- / -
Move selected stitches-
Delete selected stitches-
Rotate selected stitches by 45°, variable✓ / ✓✓ / ✓- / -
Flip selected stitches horizontically, vertically✓ / ✓✓ / ✓- / -
Resize selected stitches (no stitch count adjustment)-
Convert selected stitches (regular vs. jumps)--
Center design-
Add rectangular basting-
Change hoop sizesJEF, PCS, PES (only for alignment)-
Copy / cut and paste selected stitches into the same or different designs-
Display underlay
Measure distances--
Stitch simulator--
Other view / print optionsFirst stitch, last stitch, jump stitches, 3D, grid, stitch area, design center
Measurement unitsMillimeters, inches (decimals or fractions)MillimetersMillimeters
Undo levelsUnlimitedLast 10 actions-
Gallery with thumbnails✓ (via Finder plugin)
Gallery searchable✓ (via Finder plugin)
System integrationiCloud Drive, Quick Look plugin (preview), Spotlight plugin (search)iCloud Drive, "Open in…" to and from other iOS apps
Integrated help✓ (iPad)
LanguagesEnglish, German
Trial versionAll features, but saving limited to 1,000 stitchesStitchBuddy View-
PricePro version via In-App purchase (USD 49.99 )USD 9.99Free