Version History

This is an overview of all changes of StitchBuddy HD / StitchBuddy View.

2017/05/26 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.13.0)

  • iCloud Drive support
  • Dropbox synchronization discontinued
  • Thumbnail creation improved
  • Swipe action to share / delete designs
  • Hoops added for PES v1.0 (only for alignment)
  • PES v1.0 supports 30,000 / 50,000 stitches (hoop M / L)
  • Import of PES v10.0 files
  • Fixed PES / PEC export with Umlaute in file names
  • Janome hoop RE18 support
  • Requires iOS 9.0 or higher

2015/07/09 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.10.3)

  • Selection of background color
  • Background colors can be printed (optional)
  • PDFs are created rasterized (default option) or vectorized
  • Stitch optimization improved
  • VP3 import fixed (for old files with thread offsets)

2015/01/09 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.9.3)

  • Basting uses overlaps instead of locking stitches
  • Canvas is sized based on the opened design
  • Import of VP3 designs corrected

2014/10/20 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.9.2)

  • Native support of iPhone 6 / 6 Plus screen sizes (StitchBuddy View)
  • Zoom-to-fit honors the current device orientation
  • Dropbox sync: upper / lower case support improved
  • Minor internal bugfixes

2014/09/15 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.9)

  • Stitch order of threads can be changed
  • Color changes can be deleted, combining threads
  • Crashes when switching between menus fixed
  • DST export with national characters ("Umlaute") fixed
  • Memory consumption improved
  • Graceful handling of corrupted JEF designs (with too many color changes)

2014/05/06 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.7.2)

  • Sort order in navigation view fixed
  • The correct offset is saved when leaving the gallery
  • Improved handling of Dropbox sync errors

2014/03/18 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.7.1)

  • Barely visible and unresponsive designs / gallery fixed
  • 64-bit support

2014/03/15 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.7)

  • Subfolder support in the gallery / with Dropbox
  • Designs can be opened in other apps
  • X-ray view shows underlays when selecting stitches
  • Madeira Rayon thread colors added
  • Support of JEF+ file format (read-only)
  • Support of Janome MC 9900 (new hoops)
  • Dropbox synching improved
  • Caching of design previews optimized
  • Minor improvements

2013/11/28 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.6)

  • This version requires iOS 7.x
  • Flat iOS 7 design
  • Performance improvements when displaying designs
  • Selection of single stitches supported (tap with two fingers to select a section)
  • Help is no longer automatically updated
  • Alignment after zoom-in from overviews corrected

2013/09/10 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.5.3)

  • This is the last version supporting iOS 5.x / iOS 6.x
  • Facebook integration (requires iOS 6.0 or higher)
  • Twitter integration (requires iOS 6.0 or higher)
  • Dropbox syncing in combination with iTunes file sharing corrected
  • Zooming at touch point corrected
  • Reading of some rare PES designs corrected

2013/03/08 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.5.2)

  • Correction of corrupted gallery entries caused by v2.5.1

2013/03/06 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.5.1)

  • Identification of jump stitches improved (PES import)
  • Lower memory consumption of work area (only extended for large designs)
  • No help download on iPhones / iPods (only StitchBuddy View)
  • This update was never released for StitchBuddy View, but v2.5 was immediately followed by v2.5.2, incorporating these changes

2013/02/21 (StitchBuddy HD / View v2.5)

  • First release of StitchBuddy View
  • Working area extended up to 1,200 x 1,200 mm
  • Designs can be filtered by name
  • Gallery organized in sections (by alphabet)
  • Dropbox synchronization added

2012/11/19 (StitchBuddy HD v2.4.5)

  • Read support for Janome JPX files
  • Support of WonderFil Splendor thread charts.
  • Handle invalid embroidery files more gracefully
  • List of thread charts scrolled to current selection when being opened
  • List of hoops scrolled to current selection when being opened
  • Minor enhancements

2012/07/31 (StitchBuddy HD v2.4.4)

  • Support of Coats Rayon and Trilobal thread charts.
  • A thread can be marked in the color menu to identify where it is used in the design.

2012/05/31 (StitchBuddy HD v2.4.1)

  • Leading / trailing jump stitches are not included into selections.
  • Performance improvements for Retina displays.
  • Enhanced PES support (additional color codes).
  • Bugfixes
    • Corrupted grid at some zoom levels on Retina displays.
    • Crashes caused by unknown thread colors.

2012/05/11 (StitchBuddy HD v2.4)

  • First release on iPad.