StitchBuddy for Mac

Are you using an embroidery machine and looking for a way to work on existing designs without paying an arm and a leg? And without requiring a Windows PC? With StitchBuddy you can organize, preview, modify, convert, and combine embroidery designs on your Mac.


  • Rotate, flip, move, or delete selected parts or the entire design
  • Resize selected parts or the entire design (without adjusting the stitch count)
  • Copy and paste to duplicate parts, or to combine different designs
  • Center a design in its hoop
  • Add basting stitches to fix the underlay
  • Change individual thread colors, or replace the entire palette
  • Select from several different manufacturer thread charts
  • Reorder threads and delete color changes
  • Display options incl. zooming, 3D stitch display, or stitch structure
  • Supports millimeters or inches as measurement units
  • Extensive printer options including actual size templates
  • Easy export of designs to USB media
  • Copy designs to the clipboard or drag them to other applications as graphics or text
  • Multiple levels of Undo while editing
  • Convert designs between different embroidery formats
  • Synchronize designs easily with StitchBuddy's iOS companions using iCloud Drive
  • Display embroidery files in the Finder, Mail and other apps with Quick Look support
  • Search with Spotlight for embroideries based on size, number of stitches or colors
  • Automator actions to convert designs, change thread palettes, and create PDF files
Supported import formats (read):
  • Janome JEF, JEF+, JPX, SEW
  • Brother PES, PEC
  • Melco EXP
  • Tajima DST
  • Pfaff VP3, KSM, PCS, PCQ, PCD
Supported export formats (write)
  • Janome JEF
  • Brother PES v1.0 (130 x 180 mm), PEC
  • Melco EXP
  • Tajima DST
  • Pfaff PCS
Look at the feature overview to learn more details and compare the different StitchBuddy products.

You can test StitchBuddy with all functions for free (saving designs is limited to 1,000 stitches). Unlock this limitation via In-App purchase if you like StitchBuddy and want to support its development ... and please share your experience with others by leaving a rating or review in Apple's Mac App Store, the exclusive distribution channel for StitchBuddy: