Version History

This is an overview of all changes of StitchBuddy and both plugins.

2017/05/20 (StitchBuddy v2.13.0)

  • iCloud support
  • Only supported hoops listed in menu
  • Hoops added for PES v1.0 (only for alignment)
  • PES v1.0 supports 30,000 / 50,000 stitches (hoop M / L)
  • Import of PES v10.0 files
  • Fixed PES / PEC export with Umlaute in file names
  • Janome hoop RE18 support

2016/11/09 (StitchBuddy v2.12.1)

  • Bugfix: Quick Look preview corrected (was displaying always thumbnails)

2016/11/05 (StitchBuddy v2.12.0)

  • Enhanced installation and update experience through exclusive distribution via Apple's Mac App Store
  • Free trial version only limited by saving 1,000 stitches; unlocked version available via In-App purchase
  • Option to delete hidden system files after USB export removed to comply with store guidelines
  • OS X 10.9 ("Mavericks") or higher required
  • New startup behavior: "Welcome" design is shown if no file was opened / restored
  • Janome MC500e export option added

2016/06/17 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.11)

  • Support for Janome MC500e hoops (RE10b, RE20b, RE28b, SQ14b, SQ20b)
  • Flat-style toolbar
  • Full Retina / high resolution support
  • Hoop menu improved (hoop dimensions shown in gray)
  • Update check fixed (did not receive any information)
  • OS X 10.7 ("Lion") or higher required

2015/12/14 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.10.4)

  • "Save as…" preselects the current file type (was broken since v2.9.3)
  • Identification of writable file types improved

2015/07/03 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.10.3)

  • Background colors can be printed (optional)
  • Stitch optimization improved
  • VP3 import fixed (for old files with thread offsets)
  • Context menus work with <Ctrl> + left mouse click
  • Purchase button is disabled after a valid license was entered

2015/01/09 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.9.3)

  • Basting uses overlaps instead of locking stitches
  • Import of VP3 designs corrected

2014/10/10 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.9.1)

  • Template (real-size) printing fixed
  • Minor internal bugfixes

2014/09/19 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.9)

  • The thread list includes color indicators for easier identification
  • Compatibility with TruEmbroidery installed in parallel
  • DST export with national characters ("Umlaute") fixed
  • Memory consumption improved
  • Graceful handling of corrupted JEF designs (with too many color changes)
  • Canvas size not smaller than 300 x 300 mm, improving the manipulation of combined designs

2014/06/20 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.8)

  • The color list includes previews for each thread's usage
  • The stitch-order of threads can be changed
  • Threads can be split or combined, especially useful for monograms
  • The canvas size is fixed, so the display remains constant while resizing / moving stitches
  • Selections can be converted between regular and jump stitches
  • The scroll performance was enhanced
  • App and document icons updated
  • Stitch optimization improved
  • Open "Documents" folder by default

2014/03/15 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.7)

  • X-ray view shows underlays when selecting stitches
  • Madeira Rayon thread colors added
  • Support of JEF+ file format (read-only)
  • Support of Janome MC 9900 (new hoops)
  • 64-bit only (32-bit support is dropped)

2013/08/30 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.5.3)

  • Compatibility update for OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" (stitch simulator)
  • Bugfix: Some rare PES designs were corrupted during their import

2013/03/01 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.5.1)

  • Bugfix: Identification of jump stitches improved (PES import)

2013/01/20 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.4.6)

  • Bugfix: StitchBuddy crashed under Mac OS X 10.5.8 ("Symbol not found: NSConcreteGlobalBlock")
2012/11/19 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.4.5)
  • Read support for Janome JPX files
  • Support of WonderFil Splendor thread charts.
  • Menu item "Start Dictation" removed in OS X 10.8 "Snow Leopard"
  • Minor enhancements

2012/07/31 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.4.4)

  • Support of Coats Rayon and Trilobal thread charts.

2012/07/07 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.4.3)

  • Application and plugins code signed to comply with Gatekeeper of OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion"

2012/05/31 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.4.1)

  • Leading / trailing jump stitches are not included into selections.
  • Enhanced PES support (additional color codes).

2012/05/11 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.4)

  • Stitches can easier be identified in non-3D mode.
  • Minor internal improvements.

2011/12/22 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.3.1)

  • Bugfixes
    • StitchBuddy crashed on Mac OS X 10.5.x when opening any design. This was caused by using an internal function available since Mac OS X 10.6 (aka "Snow Leopard"), only.
    • By eliminating the title bar of the delay screen, it was impossible to enter a license code.
    • When the "Stitch Simulator" was closed after forwarding, but without running the simulation, the display showed an unfinished design.

2011/12/11 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.3)

  • Stitch simulator to virtually embroider designs
  • Full-Screen mode (requires OS X 10.7 "Lion" or above)
  • Resume of open windows (requires OS X 10.7 "Lion" or above)
  • Some minor Bugfixes

2011/11/19 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.2.3)

  • Enhanced compatibility with other installed embroidery software

2011/09/16 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.2.2)

  • Support for Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000:
    • Additional hoops: FA10 (100 x 40 mm), SQ14 (140 x 140 mm), SQ23 (230 x 230 mm), GR (230 x 300 mm), ASQ22 (220 x 220 mm)
    • USB export like the Memory Craft 11000
  • Some minor Bugfixes

2011/07/23 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.2.1)

  • The (obsolete) menu item "Special characters..." was removed
  • Bugfixes:
    • The update check did not identify minor release changes, e. g. from v2.2 to v2.2.1
    • The text color of StitchBuddy-QL was changed to black for OS X 10.7 (aka "Lion"): Apple changed the background color of Quick Loop plugins to white
    • In OS X 10.7 (aka "Lion") the enabled / disabled state of toolbar items was not evaluated correctly after a printing operation was canceled
    • The application crashed if zoom factors were manually entered below or above their valid range
    • The version number was not correctly displayed after a design of a higher PES version had been saved as PES v1.0

2011/06/02 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.2)

  • Write support for Brother / Baby Lock / Bernina PES v1.0 files
  • Read support for Brother PES v9.0
  • Read / write support for Brother PEC files
  • Additional thread charts: Ackermann Isacord, Floriani Polyester, Fufu Rayon
  • Basting settings are persistent (stitch length, distance)
  • Bastings are started with locking stitches
  • 3D effects are disabled while dragging (performance enhancement)
  • Stitches are moved by the keyboard in 0.1 mm steps for more precise alignments
  • Tool tips for all toolbar items
  • Bugfixes:
    • Dragging a design to the Finder did not create a JPEG file if the file name contained special characters
    • Selected stitches could not be unselected using the <Shift> key
    • Jump stitches were not optimized when pasting stitches
    • Too long stitches were not split properly if located after jump stitches

2011/02/10 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.1.2)

  • 3D effects improved (using gradients)
  • Jump stitches are ignored when marking the first stitch
  • JEF export: Handle color changes in combination with a jump stitch, which resulted in invalid files
  • Proper alignment of PES files
  • Export function supports MS-DOS (FAT12)

2011/01/27 (StitchBuddy / -QL / -MD v2.1.1)

  • Bug fixed reading PES files: some regular stitches were considered as jumps
  • Bug fixed displaying the toolbar: Sometimes the "Selection" control was sized too small
  • Bug fixed changing the zoom level manually to some specific values, e. g. 60%
  • Improved memory management when handling corrupted embroidery files

2010/12/21 (StitchBuddy v2.1, StitchBuddy-QL / -MD v2.1)

  • Support for different measurement units (millimeters, inches with decimals, inches with fractions)
  • Auto conversion of thread charts
  • Selected stitches can be moved by Drag'n'Drop
  • New function "Measure" to measure a distance in a design
  • Designs can be copied as images or text by Drag'n'Drop, even to Mac OS X Finder (creating JPEG files)
  • "Open" dialog reflects the application name to avoid confusions
  • Several internal improvements

2010/11/07 (StitchBuddy v2.0.2, StitchBuddy-QL / -MD v1.4.2)

  • Read support of PES files v5.5, v5.6, v7.1, v8.0

2010/04/16 (StitchBuddy v2.0.1, StitchBuddy-QL / -MD v1.4.1)

  • Janome's MB-4 standard hoop M1 added
  • Janome's new AcuFil Square Quilting Hoop (ASQ) added
  • Janome's "any color" thread code is supported
  • Some minor adjustments to improve the usability when switching between color modifications and selection modes

2010/02/12 (StitchBuddy v2.0, StitchBuddy-QL / -MD v1.4)

  • Copy & paste, move, delete, flip, resize and rotate selected stitches
  • Baste the outline of a design
  • Undo / Redo of all modifications
  • 1:1 template printout
  • Enhanced color selector (highlights the selected color)
  • Additional color palettes (Marathon Rayon, Poly-X40 Polyester)
  • Selectable hoops
  • Enhanced display and print options (hoop, rulers, first / last stitch, design center, structure view, individual background color)
  • USB export for Janome embroidery machines
  • New toolbar style
  • Thread list scrollable
  • Minor GUI changes according to Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • 64-bit enabled
  • Window size / position memorized
2009/09/01 (StitchBuddy v1.2.1)
  • Bug fixing of hidden scrollbars under Mac OS X 10.6 („Snow Leopard“).
2009/08/09 (StitchBuddy v1.2, StitchBuddy-QL / -MD v1.3)
  • Support of KSM, PCS, PCQ, PCD files.
2009/05/01 (StitchBuddy v1.1, StitchBuddy-QL / -MD v1.2)
  • Support of VP3 files
  • Variable rotations
  • Mac OS X color picker to select colors
  • Support of color palettes (Brother, Brother Country, Janome, Madeira PolyNeon, Madeira Rayon, Robison-Anton Poly, Sulky Rayon)
2009/01/31 (StitchBuddy v1.0, StitchBuddy-QL / -MD v1.1.1)
  • Color changes
  • Flipping, rotating, center design.
2008/12/26 (StitchBuddy-QL / -MD v1.1)
  • Support of SEW, DST and EXP files.
2008/09/27 (StitchBuddy-QL / -MD v1.0)
  • Support of JEF and PES files.
  • First release of PESviewQL, a Quick Look plugin to view Brother PES embroideries (discontinued)
  • First release of JEFview, a Quick Look plugin to view Janome JEF embroideries (discontinued).