Feature Comparision

Product Features
 StitchBuddy MacStitchBuddy HD
HardwareApple computer with Apple Silicon or Intel processoriPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
SoftwaremacOS 10.11 or higheriOS 11.0 or higher
Import / Export / Printing
File Formats (read)JEF, JEF+, JPX, SEW, PES, PEC, EXP, DST, VP3, KSM, PCS, PCQ, PCD
File Formats (write)JEF, PES v1.0 (130 x 180 mm), PEC, EXP, DST, PCS
Import fromFrom / to all locations accessible in the Finder, e.g. USB sticks, compact flash cards"Open in…" from other iOS apps; iTunes File Sharing; iCloud Drive, AirDrop
Export toMail attachments (designs, PDFs); iTunes File Sharing; iCloud Drive; "Open in…" in other iOS apps, AirDrop
Print color sheet / real-size template✓ / ✓✓ / - (via AirPrint)
PDF Export✓ (via printing and Automator action)
OthersExport design graphics / description via clipboard or drag'n'drop to other applications 
Color Management
Change thread colors / thread charts✓ / ✓✓ / ✓
Highlight selected threads
Thread chartsAckermann Isacord, Brildor PB40, Brother, Brother Country, Coats Rayon, Coats Trilobal, Floriani Polyester, Fufu Rayon, Janome, Madeira PolyNeon, Madeira Rayon, Marathon Rayon, Poly-X40 Polyester, Robison-Anton Poly, Sulky Rayon, WonderFil Splendor
Thread chart auto conversion-
Thread reordering
Thread splitting / combining✓ / ✓- / ✓
Select Stitches
Selection modes: block, thread, rectangle, single stitch✓ / ✓ / ✓ / ✓✓ / ✓ / ✓ / ✓
Adjust selection: all, none, invert✓ / ✓ / ✓✓ / ✓ / ✓
Add / remove stitches from selection✓ / ✓✓ / ✓
Move selected stitches
Delete selected stitches
Rotate selected stitches by 45°, variable✓ / ✓✓ / ✓
Flip selected stitches horizontically, vertically✓ / ✓✓ / ✓
Resize selected stitches (no stitch count adjustment)
Convert selected stitches (regular vs. jumps)-
Center design
Add rectangular basting
Change hoop sizesJEF, PCS, PES (only for alignment)
Copy / cut and paste selected stitches into a new, the same or different designs
Merge designs by drag & drop files from the Finder-
Display underlay
Measure distances-
Stitch simulator-
Other view / print optionsFirst stitch, last stitch, jump stitches, 3D, grid, stitch area, design center
Measurement unitsMillimeters, inches (decimals or fractions)Millimeters
Undo levelsUnlimitedLast 10 actions
Gallery with thumbnails✓ (via Finder plugin)
Gallery searchable (incl. subfolders)✓ (via Finder plugin)
System integrationiCloud Drive, Quick Look plugin (preview), Spotlight plugin (search), Automator actionsiCloud Drive, Open to and from other iOS apps ("Open in Place"), Quick Look (previews and thumbnails)
Integrated help
LanguagesEnglish, German
Trial versionFree with all features, but saving limited to 1,000 stitches
PricePro version via In-App purchase (USD 49.99 )Pro version via In-App purchase (USD 9.99 )