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SVG Files are not imported

Are you trying to import paths from an SVG file, but StitchBuddy isn't showing any objects?

My first guess is an SVG file full of objects which are filled, but not stroked … that’s at least a common topic with files exported from Adobe Illustrator: Illustrator is using a filled object instead of a stroked outline, because it behaves more consistently during resizing, adjusting the outline’s width together with the object (a stroked path would keep its line width). For example a circle with an outline and fill would result in two paths: The path A representing only the fill, and a path B outlining the contour of the circle, again with only a fill.

StitchBuddy imports neither stroke nor fill attributes (which are defined after the import when generating stitches). The default option is to import only stroked paths - but in the mentioned case there are none. Therefore the „Open“ dialog for importing has an option to include also paths without strokes (but only fills): Please watch this video to see the corresponding option.

In my example this option will result in two imported objects defining the circle: You might want to delete path B in StitchBuddy and add stroking stitches for path A.

Please contact me in case your problem is not resolved by this article and provide some detailed information (e.g. potential error messages and the originating graphic app). I might ask you to send one of the SVG files, so I can further investigate the issue and provide a solution.