No "Open with StitchBuddy" in iOS 13

Unfortunately Apple introduced an annoying bug with iOS 13 if you have additional apps opening embroidery designs, like AcuEdit:

If multiple apps are able to open files with the same extension (e.g. JEF), sometimes one or the other doesn’t show up in the „Open with“ dialog. I found some confirmation in the internet (actually in Apple’s developer forums) that this behavior is a bug observed by several app developers and already was reported to Apple (but unfortunately not fixed to far). In addition I learned about a potential bypass and investigate further … hopefully I can come up with some fix in the next days.

The issue seems to be related to the installation order, so deleting and reinstalling StitchBuddy sometimes (but not always and not permanently) resolves this issue. If you want to try this bypass, be aware that data not save to your iCloud is lost when you delete the app. Alternatively you can offload the app in your iPad’s / iPhone’s storage settings by tapping on the app at the bottom and use the option „offload“ (notdelete“). This way the data will stay on the device and you can reinstall the app without data loss. But actually I found the error reappearing after some time on my iPad.

I’m sorry for the inconveniences, and thanks a lot for your understanding and patience!

I‘m currently working on a potential bypass until Apple has fixed their bug in iOS 13, and by coincidence found a way which works in the meantime: You can select the „Files“ app from the sharing menu when opening an attachment, and save the design directly somewhere in StitchBuddy‘s iCloud folder. This way StitchBuddy will show the new design as content of the target folder and can open it.

A different way to work, but not relying on StitchBuddy showing up in the „Open with“ menu…