Let's Rock!


I’m back home and finally grabbed some sleep after a three-days rock festival: „Rock am Ring“ was just great. Unfortunately live acts had to be suspended at Friday night due to a terrorism alert and the whole area was evacuated. But 85,000 people were reacting pretty cool and the party could be resumed the next day. Don’t let terrorism and fear control your life!

Thanks for your patience as I couldn't answer as fast as I used to the last days: Mobile coverage was pretty bad and most time I was completely offline. I know that some people are criticizing the decision to remove StitchBuddy’s Dropbox support, but it is the best option considering my resources and possible future developments. I’m sorry for the inconveniences you might have migrating your files, please be aware that Dropbox syncing in StitchBuddy will STOP working June 28th!

One final word to my long and loyal customers: Please add a rating or even a review in Apple’s App Stores to share your opinion with others and support me and my work. Due to the recent updates all existing reviews were moved from current pages into archives. Please post updates to make your reviews prominent again. Thank you so much for your time and support!

StitchBuddy HD / View v2.13.0


StitchBuddy's move to iCloud is completed, update required for Dropbox users!

StitchBuddy HD / StitchBuddy View v2.13.0 is available in Apple's App Store, and now all apps are supporting iCloud Drive for file synchronization.

As mentioned in my last postings, iCloud Drive offers a better integrated and more robust synchronization of your embroidery files: You can use iCloud Drive on your Windows or Mac computer, or even a web browser to upload / download designs. These files are automatically transferred in the background and accessible by all StitchBuddy apps on your devices. New designs just magically appear even if you're currently browsing in the design gallery.

Existing designs need to be migrated into iCloud if you have used Dropbox for StitchBuddy's synchronization in the past: Just enable iCloud synching on your iPhone / iPad and choose the option to move designs into iCloud. Don't worry, you can still work with all files without an internet connection. Please be aware that according to their announcement StitchBuddy's synching with Dropbox will stop working at June 28th. More details about iCloud synching are mentioned in this FAQ article.

All changes of StitchBuddy v2.13.0 are listed in the version history.

Update your copy for free and please leave a rating or even a review in Apple's App Store to share your opinion with others. If you already have reviewed StitchBuddy I would very much appreciate an update. Thank you for your support!

StitchBuddy v2.13.0 (Mac)


I just submitted StitchBuddy for Mac v2.13.0 for Apple's App Store approval. This free update will include some minor changes, e.g. an updated hoop menu and import support for PES v10 designs. But as a major enhancement StitchBuddy for Mac supports iCloud Drive.

This new feature is a preparation for an upcoming update of StitchBuddy's iOS companions: As you know from former postings, I took a change in Dropbox' programming interface as an opportunity to move to Apple's iCloud synchronization. I've created a FAQ article to provide some more detailed information about this move.

Once released by Apple StitchBuddy for Mac will automatically update to version v2.13.0 depending on the App Store settings in your Mac's system preferences. This update preserves In-App purchases you might have made to unlock the trial's limitation.

Please leave a rating / review in Apple's Mac App Store or update your existing one if you want to support StitchBuddy's development.

Dropbox vs. iCloud


When I introduced StitchBuddy View as a universal app on iOS, documents of StitchBuddy should become accessible on all devices, for all StitchBuddy companion apps, and without the hassle of iTunes synching. So I decided to look into cloud-based file synchronization.

Back in those days Apple's iCloud was lacking an official way to access files on Macs or Windows computers, leaving me with its most prominent competitor, Dropbox. StitchBuddy's file synchronization was introduced in 2013, and despite various fixes and enhancements, there was and still is room for improvement: The synchronization process is quite fragile and especially for high numbers of designs pushed to its limits, so I have considered a redesign for quite some time.

And now it's time to move forward: Dropbox will shut down the functions I'm currently using end of June 2017 (API v1), which would require a lot of code changes in StitchBuddy. In addition iCloud has become more mature, e.g. offering iCloud Drive to seamlessly share files between your computer and iOS devices.

For these reasons I've decided to migrate StitchBuddy HD / StitchBuddy View from Dropbox to iCloud synching in the next months. Currently I'm working on a sample app, learning about strengths and weaknesses and how to deal with potential hick-ups. It will take some time, but I'm confident iCloud-enabled versions of StitchBuddy will be available on iOS in the first half of 2017.

Hello Mac App Store

Starting today with version 2.12.0 StitchBuddy for Mac is exclusively distributed via Apple's Mac App Store, providing an even better user experience: With one click you can download and install the free version, which updates completely automatically. This version offers all functions, but can only save designs up to 1,000 stitches. And if you decide to buy the unlimited StitchBuddy Pro version after your test, registration is only another click away and without delays instantly active.

And no worries for existing customers: In the past all StitchBuddy updates were provided for free, and this is not going to change: Install StitchBuddy's free version from the Mac App Store, and it will recognize your existing license code and unlock the Pro version with no additional charge. Please be aware that unfortunately I had to remove the function to delete hidden system files from USB sticks as it did not comply with store guidelines, and StitchBuddy requires OS X 10.9 or higher, now.

Please leave a rating / review in Apple’s Mac App Store to support StitchBuddy's development!