Madeira Polyneon completed


StitchBuddy v2.18.1 is proudly presenting the complete collection of Madeira Polyneon threads.

Madeira thread charts are supported in StitchBuddy for years, but I had to rely on public sources to list correct colors.

Last month I was contacted by a customer who wanted to use StitchBuddy in his company for coloring customized embroidery designs with Madeira Polyneon threads, and was missing some important colors. I contacted Madeira - a German thread vendor - and got a very swift and helpful response (thanks, Flavia). With this answer plus some additional research I was able to complete the Madeira Polyneon thread chart, with over 400 colors.

Please contact me if you want StitchBuddy to include your favorite vendor's thread chart: All I need is a text file listing every thread in a single line with its name and color, represented by red, green, blue values (RGB)…